Olympiad Ranking

Below are shown the players participating in the Grand Olympiad estam and their respective positions in the ranking.

Pos Name ClassPtsClan
HieroPhant Hierophant50Outlaws
Katniss Ghost Sentinel50Outlaws
Lully Ghost Hunter50Outlaws
SM Elemental Master50Outlaws
Gate Doomcryer50Outlaws
Nikita Mystic Muse50Outlaws
LeptosPirose Soultaker49Outlaws
Moon Moonlight Sentinel49Outlaws
Dns Archmage49Outlaws
Gwen Wind Rider49Outlaws
EvaSaint Eva Saint49Outlaws
OverDose Dominator49Outlaws
ChuckNoia Phoenix Knight49Outlaws
Judia Soulhound49Outlaws
HulK Grand Khauatari49Outlaws
WS Maestro49SkyNet
Hawk Sagittarius49Outlaws
Skarlet Trickster49Outlaws
VodkaMan Cardinal48Outlaws
Fukencia Shillien Templar48Outlaws
Evas Eva Templar48Outlaws
LadyDance Spectral Dancer48Outlaws
Nylla Spectral Master48Outlaws
Warlock Arcana Lord48Outlaws
LadySong Sword Muse47Outlaws
Slash Duelist41Outlaws
Malzahar Shillien Saint41Outlaws
JB1 Doombringer32Outlaws
Dallius Fortune Seeker32Outlaws
JonSnow Dreadnought32Outlaws
RanZum Storm Screamer28Outlaws
Aragorn Hell Knight28Outlaws
Durotan Titan28Outlaws
Ragnar Doombringer27Outlaws
AnjoSemAsa Doombringer26Outlaws
SeanBoswell Cardinal24WarFrame
Champs Hell Knight23SkyNet
khalDrogo Titan23Outlaws
Imperatriz Cardinal22Outlaws
Akuma Doombringer19WarFrame
Hisako Doombringer16WarFrame
Cigano Duelist16-
Spoil50 Fortune Seeker14SkyNet
LettyOrtiz Soulhound14WarFrame
Spoilinha Fortune Seeker14SkyNet
Derpina Fortune Seeker14SkyNet
Km1 Doombringer13SkyNet
spw3 Storm Screamer13-
Priest Cardinal13Outlaws
spw2 Storm Screamer13-
sk Shillien Templar13-
Km5 Doombringer13SkyNet
Km10 Doombringer13SkyNet
Km9 Doombringer13SkyNet
Km8 Doombringer13SkyNet
Km7 Doombringer13SkyNet
Brick Doombringer13WarFrame
Km6 Doombringer13SkyNet
Halsey Shillien Templar13WarFrame
Nezha Shillien Templar13SkyNet
Luna Shillien Templar13SkyNet
Km4 Doombringer13SkyNet
Leslie Storm Screamer13Outlaws
Darly Storm Screamer13Outlaws
Km3 Doombringer13SkyNet
Km2 Doombringer13SkyNet
Fany Storm Screamer13Outlaws
Jolie Storm Screamer13Outlaws
Lory Storm Screamer13Outlaws
spw Storm Screamer12SkyNet
spw1 Storm Screamer11SkyNet
Gari Fortune Seeker11-
Tsunade Fortune Seeker10Umbrella
1º   Luisa 36 pvps
2º   Apollyon 28 pvps
3º   Lyfia 23 pvps
1º   BCSPN 8 pks
2º   MarcelaNavas 8 pks
3º   Susan 8 pks
1º   Outlaws lv 11
2º   SkyNet lv 11
3º   GOODofWARD lv 10
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