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Event Merry Christmas
The event (Merry Christmas) takes place during the month of December. Collect items from various monsters and choose your reward:     Drope Chance Christmas Red Sock 90%...
Temporary Maintenance
Dear players, We will perform maintenance on our server to correct the inconsistency issue that is occurring. The duration will be 120 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Maintenance hours: 2019-10-26...
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2º   Apollyon 28 pvps
3º   Lyfia 23 pvps
1º   BCSPN 8 pks
2º   MarcelaNavas 8 pks
3º   Susan 8 pks
1º   Outlaws lv 11
2º   SkyNet lv 11
3º   GOODofWARD lv 10
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